Features and references to date:

Best New SA Beers of 2017 by Matt King for the Crafty Pint (18.12.2017)

International Beer Day – unusual beers by Melissa Keogh at Brand South Australia (04.08.2017)

Rocky Rye Bottle Launch by the Craft Beer King (26.04.17)

Beer Radar – Sours in the South Article on sour brewing in SA by John Kruger (21.04.17)

Haaaaaave you met Brad Bown? One of the Craft Beer King’s ‘meet the brewers’ articles (04.02.2017)

Crafty Short Film (directed by Dan Johnson) featuring Left Barrel amongst other great breweries in SA (late 2016)

Inside South Australia Feature Article (11.11.2016)

SA’s Next Wave Crafty Pints’ article on up and coming SA breweries (14.09.2016)